What We Do
We will  develop a clear line of sight to help your insight  GROW your business


We will work with you to design a research process that creates a clear line of sight from the setting of objectives, through to the execution of work, presentation of recommendations, and, if required, action planning, target setting and demonstrating the link between insight measures and business performance.

Continual Process

A line of sight document lists actions, assigns responsibilities and deadlines, and tracks outcomes. This will then be referred to at periodic review meetings, and used as the starting point for briefing subsequent research

Joining Insight to Revenue

NPS and other key satisfaction measures from prior periods will be aligned with subsequent revenues and profits to help forecast growth and profitability

Targeting Improvements

NPS and other key other measures can then be used as a basis for targeting improvements (for example, x% increase in advocates, y% growth in ‘very satisfied’ customers)


Our approach is to work with businesses from the start of the research process, helping them answer key business questions, using the most appropriate traditional or innovative techniques. We will also provide guidance around any actions required as an outcome of the research,  and help with the implementation of these actions and the assessment of success.

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